We have worked out the costs, based on our experience of these countries, as realistically as possible and have
    offered you the cheapest prices compared to any other organizations. Please see table below:

    1. Fees are given in a single currency (US$) in order to make it simple. Please use on-line universal currency
    http://www.xe.com/ucc/full/ to find out the actual amount in your own currency. Please use currency converter from

    2. Included: airport pick-up, 3 meals a day and accommodation.

    3. Not included: International air fare, airport tax, visa fees, telephone bills, laundry costs and costs of trips other than
    organized by our organization.

    4. The weekly rate of program fee declines with the increase in the number of weeks. There is no booking fee but
    50% of the total fee is required to be paid at least one month before arrival in order to ensure placement is reserved
    and pre-arranged for you. The details of the company account will be provided after confirmation. The remaining 50%
    can be paid, to the Country Coordinator upon arrival.

    5. Special programs
                    - Fee for special 4-week program (combination of volunteering, language and tour) = US$999
           - Add US$199, if you are interested in one-week Language and Culture program.

    6. Discounts:

    Pairs'/couples' discount - 10% discount for each couple/companion applying and arriving together, and
    would like to live together sharing a room while at the hotel at first night and in the host family house/private
    apartment throughout the placement period.

    Group discount: 15% less for more than 4 persons arriving together (two persons to share a room wherever

    Special rate is available for the recruiting organizations. Please contact us for more details.

    Preferred payment methods (serial-wise):

  • PayPal: You can use Debit card and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American
    Express with PayPal. When you pay with PayPal, you do not expose your card number to us. Please
    use payment@see-abroad.com for the payment.

  • Wire or electronic transfer to our company's bank account (details will be provided upon confirmation).

    Where money goes?

    Our program is run by a private company and we guarantee prompt and efficient services. We also make donations
    quite often to some needy organizations. For examples, buy construction materials for development projects and
    other materials such as rice toys, clothes for children at shelters or schools.

    Remaining amount goes to:
  • Transfer to the project
  • Orientation class and materials
  • Salary of the coordinator and other staff
  • Transportation to find and arrange the project and accommodation
  • Government tax and auditing
  • Communication
  • Database maintenance
  • Office materials
  • Publication materials, marketing and promotion etc..

    Web-page: http://www.see-abroad.com/
Program fees