Our community development programs provide you an opportunity of working in the local communities and immersing
    in real local culture. Although, idea of the program, activities, length and the type of work are similar, each country has its
    own peculiarities. Currently, we are offering this unique opportunities in Cambodia, Laos, Nepal and Thailand

    Depending upon the project and local situation, 10-25% of the fee you pay goes to these projects.

    Qualifications and experiences:

    No formal qualifications and academic backgrounds are needed to join this program. However, interest in social work in
    the real field is necessary. In addition, you should have voluntary mind, energetic to help local community in
    development scheme and face challenges of living in basic facilities at the local context (e.g. no hot water or air-
    conditioning etc.).

    Basic program itinerary:

    Type of work:

    Depending upon the interest of the volunteers and the situation at the local communities, type of work may vary.
    However, most of these community development work demand physical work as well as mental. Followings are few
  1. Build or maintain houses for the poor - many houses in developing countries are still in poor conditions.
  2. Maintenance of community infrastructure e.g. road, bridge, public toilet, temples, parks, etc.
  3. Build and maintain school/libray buildings, installation of fences, swing, and other equipment at the school
  4. Water tanks and supply system: Water for drinking and use for other purposes is inadequate during drying
    season in most of the developing countries. In some particular places, children or women need to fetch from
    natural water bodies away from home. This type of activity would be helpful to reduce their burden. Safe and
    clean drinking water is in need for many poor schools and also for the whole community.
  5. Fish pond construction for the ethnic minority for family work

    Starting dates: Open and flexible.

    Please contact us for more specific details about the work and arrangements

    Web-page: http://www.see-abroad.com/
Community Development Programs
    Day 1 (Saturday)
    Pick-up and transfer to accommodation (hotel, hostel or guest house)
    Day 2 (Sunday)
    Registration, orientation and welcome trip nearby
    Day 3 - 7 (Mon -Fri)
    Transfer to the project, introduction, work schedule and work
    Day 8-9 (Sat - Sun)
    Free weekend (plan your self)
    Day 10 - 13 (Mon - Thur)
    Continue working at the project
    Day 14 (Friday)
    Hand over the contributed work to the community/recepient and farewell
    Day 15 (Saturday)
    Program ends - departure
Fig. 1. Teaching activities
    Fig. 2 Swing in the
    school playground
Fig. 3 Rain water harvest and
supply system
Fig. 4 Target family house for
Fig. 5 School building and
class for adults
Fig 6. Recepient of newly dug