Our programs are special programs run by a professional team with a view to providing services to the foreign guests
    and volunteers and also help local people and the communities. We have been involving in volunteering activities since
    2000 and we have arranged volunteer and paid-teaching placements for nearly 1,000 satisfied volunteers.

    Our main purpose of running this program is to help local people and the communities especially for those who are in

    Our coordinators are stand-by 24/7 for your assistance. Just book your program in advance and get eye opening and
    life changing experiences!

    We run programs in different countries and various locations within the country carefully selected based on our
    experience of travel by ourselves.

    Khow about us:

    Ms. Sukanya Buranrom- Coordinator for Laos and Thailand. She is currently doing PhD in Social Development in
    Khon Kaen University, Thailand. She has worked for various organizations including Center for the Protection of
    Children Rights (CPCR) and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),  She is basically a social worker and has been
    involved in volunteering and social welfare organizations since 1996. She has worked with various UK based
    volunteering organizations such as Teaching and Projects Abroad, i-to-i, UK etc.

    MK Shrestha - Coordinator for Nepal. Mr. Shrestha is a lecturer in University in Nepal. He has also been involved with
    various social welfare activities and programs.

    Mr. Sambo Moun - Coordinator for Siem Reap, Cambodia. Mr. Sambo lives near the airport at Siem Reap which is
    about 5 km from Siem Reap town. He is a professional tourist guide and is always available to help you in Siem Reap,
    the town near Angkor Wat (One of the seven wonders of the earth). He is with his minivan ready anytime for your pick-
    up and tour.

    Ms. Thu - is a Coordinator for international relations office in a research institute near Hanoi. Vietnam. She speaks
    fluent English and also she wants her staff and students should do the same as there are very good opportunities for
    the Vietnamese youngsters if they can speak and write good in English.

    Mr. Lee T. Hung - is a lecturer by profession, has extensive experiences of teaching and field work especially in
    Southern Vietnam. He lives in HCM City. As the city has number of large multinational companies doing business, there
    is a huge demand of people who can speak and write good English.

    Mr. Igst - Turtle Conservation Coordinator in Bali, Indonesia. He loves to be called as Father of turtles.  He is a
    security head at the beach in Bali.

    Mr Win Myint - is a Coordinator of an NGO in Myanmar which has community development programs in Twante
    Township. He served as a lecturer of Botany in Yangon University.
Our Team