Click here to see Young Turtles ready to be released!
Turtle program managers (bottom left) and facilities for egg incubation from the sea coasts, incubation in
sand, nursing in small tanks/pools and care of young ones before releasing into the sea
Sea Volunteers Co. Ltd., @2013

    Turtle conservation - open from March - Sept each year!

    Our Turtle Conservation Program (TCP) is in Bali, a beautiful island of Indonesia where you can enjoy
    full-fledge beach activities and water sports. At the same time help save turtles, an endangered sea
    water species of the earth. In addition, Bali is very famous for its local handicrafts, paintings, rice
    terraces, volcanic mountains, monkeys, and temples.

    Program Length: Normally 1 - 3 weeks but not limited.

    Type of work: outdoor work such as egg collection, egg incubation, hatching, washing young turtles,
    nursing and releasing. You can also do public awareness campaign and fund raising, for instance,
    producing items and selling e.g. T-shirts, caps, posters etc.

    Working days / hours: flexible and irregular (egg collection can be during the night together with other
    volunteers and staff).

    Booking fee: no booking fee (included in program fee)

    Program fee:
    We charge only management fee for turtle conservation which are given below:
    1-wk: US$199 + minimum donation of US$50
    2 wk: US$299 + minimum donation of US$75
    3-wk: US$399 + minimum donation of US$100
    >3 weeks: US$500 + donation of US$50 per additional week

    The fee can be paid via PayPal charging your debit/credit cards using email:
    If anyone wants to pay via bank transfer, please contact us for invoice.

            Donation is to pay directly to the field office staff upon arrival in Bali.

    The fee does not cover living costs. We will assist in arranging accommodation near the work place.
    There are number of luxury hotels (about US$100), budget hotels (US$25-50) and even cheap guest
    houses (US$10-20) per night.

    As Bali is a famous destination of tourist, various types of foods ranging from Asian to Western are
    available nearby the places. Food cost varies depending upon the type and level of restaurants. Some
    people manage with US$5-6 per day while others may spend that much for a single meal.