Elephant pROGRAM:

    Elephant Veterinary and Nursing (Thailand)

    For centuries, elephants have been trained to battle and. In Ayudhaya’s wall mural in Wat Yai Chhai Mongkol, The Great
    King mounted on Elephants fighting the Burmese Crown Prince to defend the kingdom. When it was a peaceful time,
    especially white elephants were used to honor the king. They have also been noted for their intelligence and loyalty.
    White elephants, in fact, are rarely complete white. The skin has to be very pale in certain areas to qualify as a "white
    elephant". Elephant plays role in arts and crafts too.

    The volunteer/internee will help veterinarians and nurses, native Thai elephant at the Ayudhaya’s elephant camp which
    shelters hundred of elephants. Most of the elephants in the camp are not caught from the forest. They are bred by ethnic
    family in that community techniques have been passed to generations to generations. You will own an elephant and
    work with the Mahut (elephant trainer) during your volunteering & internship. Recommendation letter and certificate will
    be granted to the volunteers/internees after complete the whole length of project.

    Length of this project: min 2 weeks - max 4 weeks
    Working days: Monday – Friday (09:00 -15:00 hrs)
    Fee (US$): our fee is estimated to be affordable and reasonable for the volunteers/internees to achieve when compared
    with relevant conservation and veterinary projects offered by other organizations. It varies with the program length and
    specialization. Part of your fee is to sponsor your elephant buddy for his/her livelihood and “big” nutritious feed.

    1. Program I: Basic Nursing and Elephant Control

    Period: 1 - 2 weeks
    Fees: US$1,735        
    Activities: observe behavior and learn to control, feed, bath, clean cages, collect elephant’s dung to recycle and
    produce paper and basic for elephant control

    2. Program II: Elephant Veterinary & Nursing

    Period: up to 4 wks
    Fees: US$3,470
    Activities: Elephant observation & control, feeding, bathing cleaning cage, diagnose for disease and treatment
    and elephant husbandry and breeding

    Note: it is helpful if you please send us your research proposal before sign up for this program so we can help
    you to develop further methodology and selection of elephant population!!!