Our Thailand program is in Ayuthaya which is the former capital of Thailand 220 yrs ago. It is one of the most important UNESCO's
    World Heritage sites of Thailand.  Located about 70 km north of Bangkok, well connected by train and bus services leaving and arriving
    every 30 min. Click on the pictures to magnify.

    Volunteer Houses

    Address; Muang Pranakhon Sri Ayudhaya, Pra Nakhon Sri Ayudhaya (13000) Thailand.

    A volunteer hostel has been rented for volunteers who want “meaningful travel” and “career development”. There are a total of six rooms
    with 2-3 beds in each room. Bed rooms with attached toilet and shower, air conditioning, a toaster, water boiling pot and so on. Friends
    and couples coming together share a room.

    Bottled water is providing for drinking purpose. There are convenient stores and local food vendors nearby. The bungalows are located
    across the canal or opposite side of the historic Royal Palace and about a mile away from bus station to go to Bangkok and about 4 km
    from Ayudhaya Train station from where you can go to Chiang Mai or Bangkok. There is open area and family where you can sit, read,
    share experiences with other friends and also watch how Thai families live. More importantly, you will have chance to interact with them.

    In each room, there are hot water pot for tea/coffee, microwave for quick meal any time, fridge to keep fruits and drinks. Toaster to toast
    breads and jams/butters are also provided throughout the period. There are food shops and open markets nearby. Several local food
    vendors offer spicy Thai foods and delicious tropical fruits are available at as low as US$1.


    For those who book for "Language and Culture" we provide home-stay in a traditional Thai community for 2-3 days. The traditional Thai
    house is located in a rural village of Ayuthaya province at the bank of Chaophraya river. It is for those who want to get real experience of
    living with traditional Thai family. The house built on stilt and made of wood, gives you a real taste of Thai rural life. You will be staying
    with a family as a member; prepare meal and go around together. There is a living common space on the top where hot water is
    available for tea/coffee and microwave for quick meal any time. Three meals of Thai foods and delicious tropical fruits are provided.


    Nha Trang - Here you will stay in a reasonable hotel a road across the beach. You can see the beach from your bed room. Every day
    from 5.00 - 7:30 am and 4.00 - 6:30 pm, local people walk along the beach (jogging), swim, play football, badminton and other types of
    sports. After a walk you can have a Vietnamese coffee and watch local people and their activities. Click the pictures below to have a
    closer look.

    Hanoi: In Hanoi, you will be staying in a guest house or a student dormitory of a research Institute where you will be working.

    Ho Chi Minh City: Here you will stay in an apartment near by a University where you will be teaching or working with their students.


    Siem Reap: You will stay in a guest house in the town where there are plenty of internet cafes, ATM machines and other basic facilities
    are available because it is one of the most important tourist town in Cambodia. You may also choose to live in hotels on your own
    additional cost. Some hotels are really nice and highly rated suitable for those can afford.

    Phon Penh You will stay in a guest house or a University near Phnom Penh where students stay in the same or the next building. You
    will have plenty of chance to talk / interact with students, have dinner together nearby food shops.


    Kathmandu: In Kathmandu, you will be staying with a family in outskirt (12 km) east of Kathmandu and teach nearby primary/secondary
    school. You will be taking meal with the family.

    Pokhara: In Pokhara, you will be staying either in guest house nearby the lake where you can see the shadow of himalaya.

    Chitwan: In Chitwan you will be living in an ethnic traditional Tharu village (see left) where you will be teaching their children nearby a
    primary school. The village women have started fish farming in groups established cooperatives.

    Note: Details information will be provided immediately after booking for the placement.
A volunteer just
arrived at host family
Football on the beach
A guest house
A guest house
A community project