Volunteer program
Tel: +66 (081) 734 6934

Our program provides opportunities of obtaining life-time experience of
teaching, care, sports coaching, conservation and getting involved in
various other development projects specially designed for the poor people
and the communities of developing countries.

We work through a network of mainly academicians who are teachers /
lecturers or researchers in Schools or Universities in their countries. Since
2000, we have mobilized over 3,000 volunteers from more than 50
countries who have dedicated over 2,000 man-months of work for various
community projects in developing countries such as Cambodia, Laos,
Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand Vietnam and others. Our main mission is to train
and/or provide opportunities to interested people to help people and
communities of less developed countries.

In addition to travel, our program combines with helping and experiencing
real local communities. Small effort and few weeks can be tremendous
value to the lives of many needy people. Once done, every one feels proud
and even many change the way of thinking after immersing into a local
culture of the country of choice.

For more information please feel free to drop an email to:
Program Coordinator

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Why volunteer?
  1. to get work experience to add to your resume
  2. to meet friendly local people
  3. to immerse in rich cultures
  4. to receive references / recommendations
  5. to build confidence in independent travel
  6. to broaden vision and change life-style
  7. to donate time and efforts directly to the local
    people and communities
What local people & communities get?
  1. assistance and contributions
  2. learn languages (e.g. English, French etc.) and
    other skills
  3. exchange ideas and culture
  4. build friendships with new people
  5. take benefit of economic and social
    development accelerated in the communities
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